Can A Doctor Become A IAS?

Do IAS get free medical facilities from the government?

IAS Officers get medical facilities for free in good government hospitals as in aims.

They may get free medical facilities after retirement.

IAS Officers get medical facilities for free in good government hospitals as in aims.

They may get free medical facilities after retirement..

Can a medical student become IAS?

Why not MBBS student can become IAS. After completing your Degree(MBBS) you need to wait for the Notification on Civil Service Examination. … The eligibility criteria is you have to complete your degree and have the certificate in your hand while applying for this course and also you have to attain the age of 21 years.

How many IAS IPS officers in India?

Indian Administrative ServiceCadre strength4,926 members (3,511 officers directly recruited by the Union Public Service Commission and 1,415 officers promoted from state civil services)SelectionCivil Services ExaminationAssociationIAS (Central) AssociationHead of the civil services12 more rows

Can a doctor become IPS?

Can I become an IPS officer after graduating in MBBS? Yes MBBS is equivalent to Graduation and you will be eligible for IPS examination after becoming a doctor. In fact many doctors clear Civil Services Examination every year. So don’t worry and take admission into a good MBBS college.

Which degree is best for IAS?

The best ug course to pursue IAS is HUMANITIES.. You can do BA in sociology,economics,political science etc,these are optional subjects available in UPSC, which can benificial for preparation in UPSC and you can score very well in those subjects.

Can a 12th pass apply for UPSC?

So technically, 12th passed students can’t appear for this exam right after 12th. After completing 12th, they must complete Graduation first. After completing Graduation program successfully, they may take a shot and CSE and become an IAS Officer subsequently!

What is the salary of the IAS officer?

Salary Structure of IAS Officers and IAS Career Path – 7th Pay CommissionLevelBasic PayTotal IAS SalaryEntry-level (starting salary)5610056100 – 132000Maximum Pay (cabinet secretary level)250000250000

Which degree is best for future?

List of the best degrees for the futureEngineering degree. Electrical engineering. … Information technology degree. Computer science. … Finance / business degree. Finance. … Medicine / healthcare degree. Pharmacology.

Which board is best for IAS?

Originally Answered: Which board is the best to study for preparing for the UPSC? School board is not a criteria for civil services , since we have to go through NCERT books from class 6th to 12th. So it’s better to go for CBSE board because you will just have to revise all of them again.

Can I become IAS after MBBS?

Every year many MBBS graduates take the UPSC exams hoping to become Civil Servants. The coursework for MBBS is as rigorous as the syllabus of IAS. This does not deter doctors from taking up the challenge of mastering the IAS syllabus. …

Who earn more doctor or IAS?

An average corrupt IAS officer’s earning is more than an average corrupt doctor. An average honest doctor’s earning is more than an average honest IAS officer.

Is BCOM good for IAS?

For giving upsc exam you just need a graduate degree therefore you can surely opt for doing bcom hons.As far as MBA is concerned it is a post graduate program doing it or not won’t effect your eligibility criterion but it may hamper your time in the preparation of civil services.