How Do You Use Capsize In A Sentence?

How do you prevent capsizing?

Preventing Capsizing, Swamping, Sinking, or Falling OverboardMake sure that you and your passengers are wearing lifejackets or PFDs while the pleasure craft is underway.Attach the engine shut-off line to your wrist, lifejacket, or PFD.Don’t allow anyone to sit on the gunwale, bow, seat backs, motor cover, or any other area not designed for seating.More items….

Is flounder good eating?

Flounders are sold as a whole fish or thin fillets and usually skinned, although the skin is edible. Whole flounder is good sautéed, steamed or roasted. Fillets are excellent sautéed with a coating of flour or light breading to crisp the soft flesh and prevent them from falling apart.

How do you use UN in a sentence?

United nations sentence examplesHe led a fact-finding mission by the United Nations into the chaos of the Congo. … I will not support any UK military action which has not been approved by the United Nations under international law.More items…

What does teetered mean?

1a : to move unsteadily : wobble. b : waver, vacillate teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. 2 : seesaw. teeter.

Can a keelboat capsize?

Will This Sailboat Capsize? Unlike a dinghy, a keelboat won’t capsize. In a strong wind, it may heel a long way over, but the ballast in its keel is designed to keep it from capsizing.

What does turn turtle mean?

Capsize, turn upside down, as in When they collided, the car turned turtle. This expression alludes to the helplessness of a turtle turned on its back, where its shell can no longer protect it. [

Can a flounder change color?

In a study, peacock flounders demonstrated the ability to change colors in just eight seconds. They were even able to match the pattern of a checkerboard they were placed on. The changing of the colors is an extremely complex and not well understood process. It involves the flounder’s vision and hormones.

What is the capsize?

Capsizing or keeling over occurs when a boat or ship is turned on its side or it is upside down in the water. The act of reversing a capsized vessel is called righting.

What does abated mean?

to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.; lessen; diminish: to abate a tax; to abate one’s enthusiasm. Law. to put an end to or suppress (a nuisance).

What is the opposite of capsize?

Antonyms of CAPSIZE straighten, raise, erect.

What is a hummock mean?

In geology, a hummock is a small knoll or mound above ground. … An extremely irregular surface may be called hummocky. An ice hummock is a boss or rounded knoll of ice rising above the general level of an ice-field.

What does wincing mean?

Wincing is an involuntary grimace or an involuntary slight move away because of pain, discomfort or anticipation of pain or discomfort. An example of wincing is when someone starts screaming at you and you become a little afraid of him and move back a little.

Can a ship capsize?

Capsizing of a ship refers to a situation where in the vessel at sea list to one side to such an extent that it’s not able to upright or regain its original position, leading to tipping over of the vessel in water and making it unsafe for both crew and machinery onboard.

What is the meaning of overturn?

verb (used with object) to cause (something) to turn onto its side, face, or back; upset: to overturn a vase. … to reverse (an official or legal decision): Rather than accept defeat, the company filed a complaint in federal appeals court to overturn the ruling.

What is a sentence for flounder?

Examples of flounder in a Sentence Verb The horses were floundering through the deep snow. He was floundering around in the pool like an amateur. After watching me flounder for a few minutes, my instructor took over.

What does capsize mean in a sentence?

to turn bottom up; overturn: The ferry capsized and sank in minutes.

What is another word for capsize?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for capsize, like: upset, overturn, invert, tip-over, turn, coup, keel, overthrow, roll, knock over and topple.

What means flounder?

to struggle with stumbling or plunging movements (usually followed by about, along, on, through, etc.): He saw the child floundering about in the water. to struggle clumsily or helplessly: He floundered helplessly on the first day of his new job.