How Much Do Cities Spend On Police?

How much do cities spend on policing?

While there’s wide variation in how much cities spend on police, most dedicate between 25 percent to 40 percent of their budgets to policing..

How much money do police departments get?

In 2019, the median pay for a police officer in the United States was $65,170, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Officials’ response to the protests demanding cuts in police spending have varied.

How much do US cities spend every year on policing?

Over the past three decades, U.S. cities have allocated larger and larger shares of their budgets towards law enforcement. Today, the U.S. collectively spends $100 billion a year on policing and a further $80 billion on incarceration.

Are cops underfunded?

On average, the United States spends $340 per person per year for public policing, for a total of $193 billion in spending in 2017. Police spending accounts for 9.2% of all local government spending.

How many police are in the USA?

How many police officers are there in the U.S.? In 2019, there were 697,195 full-time law enforcement officers employed in the United States. The number of full-time law enforcement officers reached a peak in 2008 with 708,569 officers, and hit a low in 2013 with 626,942 officers.

How much does La spend on police?

Council members ultimately cut the department’s budget by $150 million, slashing overtime pay and taking police staffing to its lowest level since 2008. Yet even with those reductions, LAPD spending will remain at roughly $3 billion, about the same as last year.

Do police get more funding than schools?

Right now, the U.S. does spend more on education than on policing. Elementary and secondary education are the second-largest expenditure for state and local governments, according to the Urban Institute.

What city spends the most on police?

Local Spending on Police Department Per CapitaNew York. $671.Chicago. $660.Philadelphia. $488.San Jose. $455.Los Angeles. $436.Phoenix. $429.Houston. $403.Dallas. $385.More items…•

What do cities spend the most money on?

What do state and local governments spend money on? State and local governments spend most of their resources on education, health, and social service programs. In 2017, about one-third of state and local spending went toward combined elementary and secondary education (21 percent) and higher education (10 percent).

Why is the police budget so high?

In all states the majority of the police budget is spent on the salaries of officers, which is on average $67.6k per year—around $15k per year more than the average across all occupations. … To make matters even more shocking, taxpayer money is also spent on defending police brutality itself.

How much of Chicago’s budget goes to police?

The Chicago Police Department makes up 37% of the $4.4 billion Corporate Fund. However, budgeted Police Department spending across all funds of $1.76 billion makes up approximately 15% of the City’s total budget of $11.6 billion (including grants).

How much do US cities spend on education?

2016 Public School Spending Per Student By StateStateTotal Per Pupil SpendingSupport Services Per PupilTexas$9,016$3,002United States$11,762$4,107Utah$6,953$2,098Vermont$17,873$6,62948 more rows

How do the police actually spend their time?

Observational studies of patrol officers have found that anywhere from 46 percent to 81 percent of their time is spent on unassigned activities.