Question: Can We Delete Order History From Zomato?

Can you hide Amazon orders from family?

Hide an Order You can hide orders that you’re no longer interested in referencing, hide items from immediate view that may be embarrassing, or keep gifts secret if you share an account with your children or with somebody else.

To hide an order: Go to Your Orders and locate the applicable order.

Select Hide order..

How do I hide orders on Amazon 2020?

Steps on how to hide orders on Amazon appStep 1: Go to the “Your Orders” icon that is located at the top right side of the dashboard and identify the specific searched item that you want to hide.Step 2: Select the option “Archive order,” and you are done.

Can we earn money from zomato?

While users pay a delivery fee, Zomato earns through restaurants who pay a commission for each delivery, which is then split among the delivery partner and the company. Commissions from restaurants vary based on whether Zomato is fulfilling the delivery or whether the restaurant uses its own riders.

How much percentage does zomato take?

Total: 23.74% on the total bill.

Can I delete my Swiggy account?

go to compose (To) section and enter the email address “”. in the Subject section, type “Delete my Swiggy Account”. “ I want to delete my account. … Then Swiggy will delete your account permanently.

How do I delete my order history on wish?

All you need to do is follow the steps below:Open the Wish app on your mobile device.Tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner to open the sidebar menu for Androids. … Select Order History.You will see all your previous orders listed on this screen.Tap the trash bin icon to delete an order.Tap Yes to confirm.

Can you delete order history from Amazon?

Here’s the bad news: you can’t actually delete your Amazon order history. In fact, even if you deactivate your account, the company will still have a record of everything you bought from them. … The good news is that it’s pretty easy to hide past Amazon orders, even if you can’t make them go away completely.

How do I delete my Shopee purchase history?

InformationStep 1: Go to My Shop under Me tab.Step 2: Tap Seller Assistant.Step 3: Tap My Products under Seller Assistant.Step 4: Choose to Edit, Delist or Publish, Update, or Delete depending on what you prefer.Note:

How does zomato collect data?

The information needs to be relevant and comprehensive for users to keep coming back to use our product. Our data collection teams in each city hit the streets on a daily basis and collect data, first hand.

Can we cancel order in Swiggy?

Terms & Conditions for Swiggy Order Cancellation If in case you cancel the order once it is confirmed then, Swiggy shall have the right to charge you a cancellation fee of Rs. 75 up to the order value. … In this, you can cancel your order and shall be entitled to a refund by the Swiggy refund policy.

Does zomato charge for listing?

There is no fee or charge for getting your listing up and running in Zomato. However, Zomato charges a commission on the sales they generate for you. The commission rate is typically 15 – 22% + GST.

How can I see my past purchases on Amazon?

View your order history To take a look, log onto the Amazon website (not the app), hover over the Accounts & Lists section, and click Your Orders. The next screen will show you everything you’ve ever purchased from Amazon, in reverse chronological order.

Is Swiggy or zomato better?

If you want to order from the small restaurant near your home or office, Swiggy might be a great choice. However, if you are in search of “cash backs,” there is no better option than Zomato. Eventually, it does cut down to individual needs. For me, both are doing fantastic, but for offers, Zomato is a clear winner.