Question: Is AMC Doing $5 Tickets?

How can I get discounted movie tickets?

Here are 15 ways to save on movie tickets.Watch for Free Movie Ticket Offers.

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Attend a Free Screening.

Go to the Movies on a Weekday.

Go to a Drive-In Theater.

Go Early for Cheaper Movie Tickets.

Work Your Memberships.

Buy Your Movie Tickets in Bulk.

Enter Sweepstakes to Win Movie Tickets.More items….

Does AMC offer student discount?

Students Always Save at AMC We have special student pricing every day at AMC Theatres! Bring your student ID to the box office and save big on tickets for the latest movies!

Will AMC reopen?

We are excited to welcome you back and to celebrate 100 years of movies at AMC. Theatres will reopen in waves, with the first set of AMC theatres welcoming guests soon. … AMC Safe & Clean is a set of cleaning protocols and measures that we have implemented to protect the health and safety of our guests and crew.

Does AMC offer matinee prices?

Prices average between $6 – $7.50 per ticket, regardless of age. -Matinee (12pm-3:55pm) is next in line. Prices average between $9 – $11 per ticket, regardless of age. … This is the pricing scheme when age can come into play, offering cheaper tickets for children and a dollar off for seniors.

Is it cheaper to buy AMC tickets online?

Most online booking sites will charge you a fee to buy tickets online, so it’s always best to go a little early and buy the tickets from the actual box office. For example, AMC charges a “convenience” fee to order tickets online. Currently that fee will cost you $1.42 per ticket.

Why are movie tickets cheaper on Tuesday?

Probably because it was the lowest grossing day of the week (and this likely goes back to people renting a new video release on a Tuesday instead of going to the theater) so they lowered the prices that day to get people to come.

Is AMC still doing $5 Tuesdays?

Discount Tuesdays benefits are available for all AMC Stubs members, regardless of tier. Whether you’re an AMC Stubs Insider, Premiere or A-List member, you can save big on Tuesday showtimes! … The discount applies to any Tuesday showtime – even if you purchase your tickets in advance.

Does AMC give free movie birthday?

AMC Stubs members earn points towards rewards, a free gift for their birthday, waived online ticketing fees, special deals on Tuesdays plus so much more! Check out more about AMC Stubs and our membership tiers here.

What day are movies cheaper?

TuesdayCheap movie tickets! Tuesday is the one day of the week where you can get matinee pricing in the evenings. Even most of the discount, or “dollar”, theatres have lower prices then.

How do I get $5 tickets at AMC?

AMC offers its Stubs members the ability to get discounted $5 or $6 tickets every Tuesday, and AMC Stubs members can now get their discounted tickets directly through Atom! Make sure your Stubs membership information is connected in your Atom account and then just check your local AMC Theatre’s Tuesday showtimes.

How much will AMC theaters charge for a ticket when they reopen?

New York (CNN Business) AMC is finally reopening its theaters, and guests will need to spend just 15 cents to get in. The world’s largest movie theater chain will reopen more than 100 US theaters on August 20, the company said on Thursday.

How can I get cheap AMC tickets?

1. Join a loyalty program. Movie theater loyalty programs reward frequent patrons with discounts. For example, for $15 a year, AMC Stubs Premiere members enjoy benefits like discounted tickets on Tuesdays and free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks.

Does it cost money to be an AMC Stubs member?

The annual AMC Stubs Premiere Membership is $15. Membership fees are subject to taxation in accordance with applicable federal, state, provincial or local law.

What is the average cost of a movie ticket in 2019?

$9.26The average cost of a movie ticket rose to $9.26 in the second quarter of 2019, up from $9.01 during the first three months of the year, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).

Is it cheaper to buy Odeon tickets online?

Create an account with Odeon and you’ll be automatically entitled to get 10% off tickets when you book online (and use your MyODEON account). As a head’s up, you will need to pay a booking fee of 75p per ticket.

How much does an AMC ticket cost?

AMC Ticket PricesAGETICKET PRICEMoviesChildren (ages 2-12)$10.69Adults (ages 13 & up)$13.69Seniors (ages 60+)$12.6921 more rows

How do I get free popcorn at AMC?

Sign up for Coke Rewards if you haven’t already. Enter 10 Coke Rewards Codes = Get 2 FREE Large Fountain Drinks at AMC Theaters ($17 value!) Enter 5 Additional Coke Rewards Codes = Get FREE Large Popcorn at AMC Theaters ($8.79 value!)

What is a matinee ticket?

An afternoon performance is called a matinee, like a matinee performance of a play that starts at two o’clock. … In many places, heading to a movie matinee is a way to save a few bucks; it’s cheaper than evening ticket prices.

Are AMC tickets still 15 cents?

AMC Theatres, the nation’s largest movie theater chain, is opening again today with retro ticket prices of 15 cents per movie. … AMC has reopened in numerous countries but has remained closed in the U.S. since March. The chain touted the reopening as “Movies in 2020 at 1920 Prices.”

Where is the safest place to sit in a movie theater?

Instead, the best seat is in the back row, center section, and even better, the aisle seat.

How can I get into the movie theater for free?

Join a rewards program Join the rewards program at your theater of choice. Show the loyalty card every time you see a movie, and you’ll eventually build up enough points to get a free ticket. Theater chains that offer rewards include: Regal Cinemas.