Quick Answer: What Are The Two Most Common Risks To Construction Workers?

What are the top 10 health and safety risks in construction?


What are the risks on a construction site?

The top ten risks and hazards from working on construction sites are:Working at height.Moving objects.Slips, trips, and falls.Noise.Hand arm vibration syndrome.Material and manual handling.Collapsing trenches.Asbestos.More items…•

What are examples of common construction hazards?

They are manual handling injuries, falls, slips and trips, and being hit by moving objects.Body Stressing Through Manual Handling. … Falls, Trips and Slips. … Being Hit by Moving Objects.

What are the top 5 health risks in construction?

12 of the biggest health and safety risks in constructionSlips and trips.Noise. … Hand and vibration syndrome. … Materials handling. … Unintended collapse. … Asbestos. … Airborne fibres and toxins. … Electricity. … More items…•

What is the biggest cause of fatalities in the construction industry?

Workplace fatality figures released for 2019/20 The construction sector has had the highest number of workplace fatalities over the last 12 months, with falling from height still recorded as the most common cause of work-related death.

What is the leading cause of death on a construction site?

The leading causes of private sector worker deaths (excluding highway collisions) in the construction industry were falls, followed by struck by object, electrocution, and caught-in/between. These “Fatal Four” were responsible for more than half (58.6%) the construction worker deaths in 2018, BLS reports.

Why are construction sites dangerous?

It’s widely accepted that construction is a risky industry due to working at height. Not only do construction workers have to be aware of falling off of roofs, ladders or scaffolding and being let down by faulty equipment, they are also more at risk of electrocution by lightning when working at height.

What is high risk construction work?

High risk construction work involves a risk of a person falling more than 2 m. is carried out on a telecommunication tower. involves demolition of an element of a structure that is load-bearing. … involves structural alteration or repair that requires temporary support to prevent collapse.

What is the main cause of most injuries in the construction industry?

Falls from Height The most common type of work accident is when a worker falls from a ladder or scaffolding which can cause injuries such as broken bones, fractures, back injuries and head injuries.

What are the 5 types of hazards?

OSHA’s 5 Workplace HazardsSafety. Safety hazards encompass any type of substance, condition or object that can injure workers. … Chemical. Workers can be exposed to chemicals in liquids, gases, vapors, fumes and particulate materials. … Biological. … Physical. … Ergonomic.

What is the most common injury in construction?

Causes: Slips and trips cause two-thirds of the 42,000 falls suffered by workers each year. Spills, weather hazards and loose mats are frequent causes of slips, while trips are often the result of obstructed vision, poor lighting, clutter or uneven walking surfaces.

What are the general safety precautions in construction?

8 Important Safety Measures for Construction SitesManage and Mitigate Risk with a Safety Training Program. … Ensure Electrical Safety at Construction Sites. … Implement Strict Security and Safety Protocols. … Have a Safe Work Assessment Process in Place. … Make Sure Chemical Storage Safety Requirements are Strictly Followed. … Display Signage Clearly at the Construction Site.More items…•

What are the most important safety rules in construction?

To keep the workplace a safe environment, use these five helpful tips.Getting In and Out of Equipment. … What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Wear. … Staying Safe Loading or Unloading Equipment. … Ladder and Stairs Climbing Hazards. … Crowded Work Areas.

What are common safety hazards in a facility?

Safety hazards are the most common workplace risks. They include: Anything that can cause spills or trips such as cords running across the floor or ice. Anything that can cause falls such as working from heights, including ladders, scaffolds, roofs, or any elevated work area.

What is a risk in construction?

A construction risk can be defined as any exposure to possible loss. … To ensure the success of a project, a contractor starting on a construction project must be able to recognize and assess those risks. And then the contractor must be able to manage those risks.