Quick Answer: What Does Colin Mean In Spanish?

What does Tragona mean in Spanish slang?

tragona {feminine} volume_up.

gannet {noun} (person) tragona.

greedy-guts {noun} [Brit.] [coll.].

Does Porfavor mean in Spanish?

interjection Spanish. please; if you please.

What does Pepe mean in Spanish slang?

Pepe is a nickname for any person called José, but is also often used with different connotations.

What is Chillona?

Word forms: chillón, chillona. adjective. 1. [ persona] loud ⧫ shrill ⧫ noisy.

What does gabacha mean?

Gabacho (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡaˈβatʃo]; feminine, gabacha) is a word used in the Spanish language to describe foreigners of different origins. … It derives from the Occitan word gavach, which translates as “someone who speaks with a faulty speech”.

What does chiona mean?

A submission from Florida, U.S. says the name Chiona means “From where I’m from, Egypt, Chiona is a name that means princess of the Nyle.

What does tunco mean in Spanish?

adjective. (= lisiado) maimed ⧫ crippled. (= manco) one-armed. masculine noun/feminine noun. (= persona) cripple.

What is meaning of hasta luego?

until thenTranslated literally from Spanish to English, hasta luego means “until then.” (Until then is used in English in the exact same way—to say you’ll see someone soon.)

What does guarapo mean in Spanish?

gua·ra·po Masculine – Noun – Singular Plural: guarapos. Translate “guarapo” to English: sugar cane liquor, sugar cane juice. Spanish Synonyms of “guarapo”: jugo de la caña de azúcar.

What is Tito a nickname for?

Tito is an Italian, Spanish and Portuguese variant of the name Titus, which is of Latin origin.

What does Peppa mean?

Angel of godA submission from North Carolina, U.S. says the name Peppa means “Angel of god” and is of English origin. According to a user from Tennessee, U.S., the name Peppa is of American origin and means “Angel of god”. A submission from Canada says the name Peppa means “Jehovah increases” and is of Hebrew origin.

Do they say OK in Spanish?

Yes “Estoy bien.” is correct — however the english word “okay” is now a Spanish word “okey” and is very common. So you could also use: “Okey.”

What is Hasta manana?

“Hasta Mañana” (Spanish for “Until tomorrow”) is the fourth track on Swedish pop group ABBA’s second studio album, Waterloo.