Quick Answer: What Does Intragalactic Mean?

Are there stars between galaxies?

Yes, there are stars between galaxies.

When there are collisions or interactions between galaxies, stars can be ripped out of the galaxies.

These stars will then wander into space between galaxies.

Such stars have been observed with the Hubble Space Telescope..

Is banal a word?

adjective. devoid of freshness or originality; hackneyed; trite: a banal and sophomoric treatment of courage on the frontier.

What does Benile mean?

1a : of a mild type or character that does not threaten health or life especially : not becoming cancerous a benign lung tumor. b : having no significant effect : harmless environmentally benign. 2 : of a gentle disposition : gracious a benign teacher. 3a : showing kindness and gentleness benign faces.

What does Ingrating mean?

1 : intended or adopted in order to gain favor : flattering. 2 : capable of winning favor : pleasing an ingratiating smile. Other Words from ingratiating Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about ingratiating.

Does precious mean beautiful?

Precious mean Valuable whereas Beautiful means Pretty.

What is does symbol mean?

something used for or regarded as representing something else; a material object representing something, often something immaterial; emblem, token, or sign. a letter, figure, or other character or mark or a combination of letters or the like used to designate something: the algebraic symbol x; the chemical symbol Au.

What occurs in intergalactic space?

Out in intergalactic space, the gas cools and gets denser, until gravity pulls it back into the galaxy where new stars form. The process repeats: Gravity condenses gas into galaxies and stars, stars blow up and kick the gas out, gravity cycles the gas back in and makes new stars.

Will we ever leave our galaxy?

Intergalactic travel for humans is therefore possible, in theory, from the point of view of the traveler. … Traveling to the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.54 million light years away, would take 28 years on-ship time with a constant acceleration of 1g and a deceleration of 1g after reaching half way, to be able to stop.

What is the another name of space?

Space Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for space?roomcapacityareaextentlatitudemarginscopeclearancegapheadroom216 more rows

What is the meaning of the word intergalactic?

1 : situated in or relating to the spaces between galaxies. 2 : of, relating to, or occurring in outer space intergalactic battles.

What does banales mean?

lacking originality, freshness: lacking originality, freshness, or novelty : trite.

What’s another word for outer space?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for outer-space, like: infinity, the heavens, cosmos, deep-space, infinite space, celestial spaces, cosmic space, the void above, the universe, empty-space and ether space.

What is the meaning of intergalactic bypass?

Explanation: Intergalactic bypass ​- It refers to the distance between the galaxies , as there is a lot of empty space between any two celestial bodies , it refers to as the intergalactic bypass.

What words describe space?

WORDS RELATED TO OUTER SPACEcelestial spaces.cosmic space.cosmos.intercosmic space.intergalactic space.interplanetary space.interstellar space.metagalactic space.More items…

What are some space words?

Space VocabularySpaceEarthSolar Systemasteroidblack holebig bang theoryastronautcometbinary starastronomerastronomyelliptical orbitdensityconstellationdeep space25 more rows

What does Percious mean?

1 : of great value or high price precious jewels. 2 : highly esteemed or cherished a precious friend. 3 : excessively refined : affected entry 2 precious manners.

Can a person be precious?

People sometimes use precious to emphasize their dislike for things which other people think are important. You don’t care about anything but yourself and your precious face. If you describe someone as precious, you mean that they behave in a formal and unnatural way.

How do you use banal in a sentence?

Banal sentence examplesHe doesn’t like English poetry, he finds it very banal. … Is it banal to dress up as a 1965 hippie? … It was a banal, yet apparently necessary, observation about British society today. … The store was filled with banal, mass-produced objects.More items…