Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between A Hedge Trimmer And A Hedge Cutter?

How do you trim hedges with thick branches?

However, if you have thick branches that need to be cut, it can help to have a set of loppers and a small pruning saw or oscillating tool.

For trimming, you have the choice of using hedge shears or electric or battery powered hedge trimmer..

Can I cut the top of my Neighbour’s hedge?

It is absolutely ok to trim your neighbour’s hedges: If there are branches or roots that over hang or creep into your property. If this is the case, then feel free to trim your side to your heart’s content. It will not affect your neighbour’s enjoyment of their hedge but will make your garden look neater.

Is it OK to trim hedges in the summer?

Pruning your hedges in summer means they’ll hold crisp and trim, not just for the rest of the growing season, but throughout winter. Monty added: “You won’t have to cut them until next year.”

How thick can a pole saw cut?

Do not attempt to cut branches thicker than 8 inches – call a professional.

What can I use to cut tree branches?

Related ProductsHand Pruner. Grab hand pruners when you’re cutting branches with a diameter of 1 inch or less. … Lopper. Also called lopping shears, a lopper is the tool of choice for cutting branches 2 inches in diameter. … Pruning Saw. … Rope Saw. … Chainsaw. … Pole Pruner. … Tool Maintenance.

Will a hedge trimmer cut briars?

Late spring to early summer is the best times to control briar. The plants absorb the most herbicide when they’re actively growing and their leaves are fully open. Round up has a new “dab on” bottle for use in areas where you only want to kill some plants but not others. …

What fuel do hedge trimmers use?

– The engine of the Hedge Trimmer is a high-efficiency two-stroke engine. It is run with a mixture of fuel and two-stroke engine oil. The engine is designed for unleaded regular fuel with a min.

What is the best hedge cutter?

The best hedge trimmers to buyBosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45: The best hedge trimmer for a light and easy trim. … Bosch AHS 55-20 Li: The top cordless trimmer for medium-sized and larger gardens. … Black & Decker BEHTS501: Best corded hedge trimmer. … Worx WG801E: The best cordless shrub clippers. … McCulloch Superlite 4528 Hedge Trimmer: Best petrol hedge trimmer.More items…•

Are hedge trimmers worth it?

If you have a larger yard with big hedges, then a gas hedge trimmer may be worth the buy. They cost more, weigh more, and are harder to use (especially for beginners), but they can take on tougher jobs faster.

Can I use a chainsaw to cut a hedge?

You can use a chainsaw to trim a hedge and it will make quickly cut through shrubs and hedge plants. However a chainsaw is not as precise as using hedge trimmers or shears and should be saved for tough trimming jobs or working with trees.

What should I look for when buying a hedge trimmer?

Features to look out forBlade length. The blade length of a trimmer will determine the width of hedge you can cut with it. … Teeth spacing. The wider the teeth spacing, the larger the material your hedge trimmer blade can cut. … Sawing function. … Blade tip protector. … Blade sharpening. … Handle type. … Safety switches.

What is the lightest long reach hedge trimmer?

The Vonhaus Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer is 20v and extremely affordable. Battery operated, it is lightweight and easy to use around the garden. This extended reach pole hedge trimmer weighs approximately 6 kilograms and has a blade measuring 41 centimeters.

What is the best pole saw on the market?

Best Sellers in Power Pole Saws#1. … DEWALT 20V MAX XR Pole Saw, 15-Foot Reach, Tool Only (DCPS620B) … Sun Joe SWJ806E 8-Inch 8.0 Amp 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Chain Saw, Green. … DEWALT 20V MAX XR Pole Saw, 15-Foot Reach (DCPS620M1) … BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw with Extra Lithium Battery 2.0 Amp Hour (LPP120 &…More items…

How often should you trim hedges?

Hedge cutting seasons and the frequency of cutting depends on the species, but as a rule of thumb, formal evergreens like box or privet should be trimmed around two to three times a year during the growing season (around May to September); and some fast-growing conifers like leylandii may need trimming more frequently …

How big a branch can a hedge trimmer Cut?

3/4 inchesMost blades cut branches up to 3/4 inches, but larger capacity trimmers are available. A hand guard protects you as you cut.

What is the best cordless hedge cutter?

The best cordless hedge trimmersBosch AHS 50-20 Lithium-Ion Hedgecutter. … BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer. … BOSCH Cordless Edging Shear Set. … Ryobi One+ 18V OPT1845 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer. … McCulloch Superlite 4528 Hedge Trimmer.

Which is the best petrol hedge cutter?

Here are the Best Petrol Hedge TrimmersP1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer.Makita EH7500W 22cc Hedge Trimmer.McCulloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer.Hyundai HYT2622-3 Petrol Hedge Trimmer.Einhell GE-PH 2555A Petrol Hedge Trimmer.

How long does a cordless hedge trimmer last?

about 40 minutes to 1 hourHow long does the battery of a cordless hedge trimmer last? It is safe to say that your average cordless hedge trimmer will last for about 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how hard you are working. This article takes a look at the batteries of different models and which ones last the longest.

When should you not cut hedges?

We recommend avoiding hedge cutting during the main breeding season for nesting birds, which usually runs throughout March to August each year. This can be weather dependent and some birds may nest outside this period, so it is important to always check carefully for active nests prior to cutting.

What is the best electric hedge trimmer on the market?

The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer Reviews of 2020WORX WG261. … BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 Hedge Trimmer (Budget Pick) … Remington RM5124TH Electric Hedge Trimmer. … Makita XHU02M1 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit. … Greenworks 22102 Corded Hedge Trimmer. … DEWALT DCHT820B 20v Max Hedge Trimmer (Upgrade Pick)More items…

How far back can you trim hedges?

Deciduous, formal hedges (those pruned to a definite size and shape), such as privets, that become open and leggy also can be rejuvenated by pruning them back to within 4 to 6 inches of the ground in late winter/early spring.

Does my Neighbour have to cut my side of his hedge?

The responsibility for boundary hedge cutting is shared. Both you and your neighbour should be trimming each other’s respective side of the hedge. You are free to cut back roots or branches that are within your property’s boundaries. However, you’re only allowed to trim the growth on your property.

When should overgrown hedges be trimmed?

Ideally, late winter and early spring are the best times to cut back an overgrown hedge. Summer is best for trims that maintain their shape and height. There are a few tools that you can use to help make trimming an overgrown hedge much easier.

What will a hedge trimmer Cut?

Hedge trimmers are specially designed for the super thin, lightweight twigs and leaves of a hedge or bush. Their grooves are about ¾ of an inch to half an inch wide at most, and when you compare that to the size of your tree’s branches, it’s just not the right fit.

Can you trim hedges with a pole saw?

Yes, hedge trimmers and pole saws seem similar, but these tools have specific jobs they can do. It is important that you have an understanding of the differences in order to help you pick the right tool, whether you’re trimming those hedges in your front yard or cutting down a tree in your back yard.

Should I buy a cordless hedge trimmer?

They’re safer, since you won’t need to have an extension cord running through the garden, and there’s no risk of electrocution through cutting that cord. Cordless hedge trimmers are a great addition to your tool shed, and one that will see plenty of use, making them a great investment.

Is it safe to cut a wet hedge?

A Hedge trimmer usually can’t tell a difference between a wet hedge and a dry hedge. It can cut through both of them but with little difficulty when you are cutting wet hedges. … Since it’s a hedge cutter it is made to cut through thick branches with ease. So, it can cut through wet hedges without any issue at all.

How do you trim a hedge like a pro?

Formal Shrub TrimmingTo cut straight lines, you can use your house, siding or other objects as a guide. Some pros use stakes and strings as guides. … Slowly run a hedge trimmer along the top and sides, letting the blade do the work. Again, keep the base wider than the top.

Which is better corded or cordless hedge trimmer?

Cordless vs corded If you have a big garden or simply don’t want to run the risk of slicing through the power cable, look for a cordless hedge trimmer. However, if you’re happy cord-wrangling, corded hedge trimmers tend to be more reliable in terms of power.