Quick Answer: When Work Is Performed On An Aircraft That Necessitates The Use Of A Form 337 Who Should Prepare The Form?

What is a major repair on aircraft?

Major Repair: A repair that fits one or more of the following: Might appreciably affect airworthiness by changing weight, balance, structural strength, performance, powerplant operation, or flight characteristics if improperly done; or..

What appendix in FAR Part 43 covers the minimum inspection requirements on an aircraft?

FAR 43, Appendix D, Scope and Detail of Items To Be Included in Annual and 100-Hour Inspections, contains a list of general items to be checked during inspections.

What action is required when a minor repair is performed on a certificated aircraft?

What is/are the appropriate action(s) concerning minor repairs performed on a certificated aircraft? 1. FAA Form 337’s must be completed. 2.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and records of an aircraft?

Responsibilities. 14 CFR part 9 1, section 9 1.4 17 states that an aircraft owner/operator shall, keep and maintain aircraft maintenance records. 14 CFR part 43, sections 43.9 and 43.11 state’that maintenance personnel, however, are required to make the record entries.

Who is authorized to perform an annual inspection on an aircraft?

With limited exceptions, only a certified mechanic holding an inspection authorization (IA) can perform an annual inspection in accordance with 14 CFR 91.409(a)(1). Thus, unless the owner-pilot also holds an IA, he or she is not permitted to assist with the inspection function of an annual.

What is C of R in aviation?

Legal authority A certificate of airworthiness (CoA), or an airworthiness certificate, is issued for an aircraft by the national aviation authority in the state in which the aircraft is registered. The CoA attests that the aircraft is airworthy insofar as the aircraft conforms to its type design.

What are maintenance records?

Maintenance records are written notes that provide documentation about the upkeep of a certain piece of equipment. … Many people keep detailed records of personal automobile maintenance, and may also record service performed on home appliances like air conditioning units and back-up generators.

Who has the authority to approve for return to service a propeller after a 100 hour inspection?

Minor repair. Who has the authority to approve for return to service a propeller after a 100-hour inspection? 1. A mechanic with a powerplant rating.

Which is classified as a major repair?

major repair even though no other alteration or repair is performed. Which is classified as a major repair? The splicing of skin sheets. appropriately rated mechanics and approved by them for return to service.

Who is responsible to see that all Airworthiness Directives are accomplished?

What is the responsibility of the owner of a Type Certificate? The Type Certificate owner is responsible for: Notifying the FAA when they become aware of any failure, malfunction, or defect in any product, part, process, or article manufactured by them (14 CFR 21.3);

Why is it important to keep the maintenance records of the aircraft?

Proper management of aircraft operations begins with a good system of maintenance records. A properly completed maintenance record provides the information needed by the owner and maintenance personnel to determine when scheduled inspections and maintenance are to be performed.

What is minor repair?

Minor repair means a repair other than a major repair. … That sounds simple enough but there is another big difference between a major repair/alteration and a minor repair/alteration. Major repairs or alterations must be performed in accordance with approved data.